Locatin: Palm Springs, California

We are a gay family that is looking for a versatile boy. We use the word boy, strictly speaking, here to designate a state of mind rather than an age group, however, it is extremely likely that our successful candidate boy will be under 30 years of age. Our candidate renaissance boy will likely have had some life experience in the "real world".

If you are looking for a daddy, master or family dripping with leather, look elsewhere. While we have no aversion to leather (like other playtoys, it is interesting and stimulating in moderate doses), to us it is not the end-all, be-all. Boy, though, may wear a tasteful leather around the house and yard if he desires (and has performed well!).

About US:

We're a peaceful lot generally, and believe in a nurturing, loving, learning atmosphere in the home. We are mentally and physically healthy gay men and expect you to be so as well. I'm Tom, the elder at 52 and Matt is 34. We've been together for over 3 years, and consider ourselves as the core of the family, which has consisted of a variable number of men and boys from time-to-time. We like to be together and are pretty much homebodies. We have a touchy-feely family, where body contact, hugging, holding, caressing, etc. is the norm and expected (and craved by boy)

We live in Palm Spring, CA and have a very spiritual desert abode, nestled in the mountains that surround the Cochella Valley. Cats, an elderly cocker spaniel and hummingbirds by the dozen are our constant animal companions in year-round sunshine. We have a great garden, mountain views, warm pool, hot-tub and offer a year-round all-over tan (which is expected on boy). We have a consulting business which we run for the most part from home.

Boy will assist around the house with basic household chores (cleaning, dusting, laundry, etc.), yardwork and gardening, as well as participate in family life. It might be possible for boy to have a part-time job or pursue educational goals outside the home if desired, or study/contemplation/craft-honing on his own. Boy will have his own room overlooking the pool which will provide privacy when desired/permitted, and access to our substantial library of books, of movies and videos and of music when behavior is appropriate and performance satisfactory.

The family has a broad range of interests (photography, sailing, electronics, computers, science, tube audio, video, movies, music, sex .and this is only a partial listing) and a great ability to teach and mentor boy, making our family an ideal place for a boy who feels that he needs to learn and expand his horizons.

Boy will be permitted to be nude or minimally clothed the majority of the time inside and out.

Our spiritual interests run to wicca/pagan/shaman/new-age/sacred-sex/energy [yeah, we dabble widely] and there are several altars within the house and in the garden. Boy may be allowed to set up his own if he shows sufficient spiritual aptitude and respect.

Our spirituality and sexuality are somewhat intertwined.

Our interests run to Body Electric massage and philosophy (has nothing to do with electricity [look at www.bodyelectric.org], but a great deal to do with Taoist or Tantric massage). We are Tantric practitioners and boy will be taught the basic principals of this discipline as he is ready to learn it.

We put a lot of stock in sex as play and sacred sex:

Sex as play is essentially a recognition that as children of a Puritanical civilization, we are discouraged from and forbidden to touch each other's bodies in what would be in any prior culture a perfectly natural way of life. We recapture our natural, spirit selves as a by-product of our closeness, body contact, massage and play.

Sacred sex is our use of certain physical sensations related to sex and the manipulation of our bodies to achieve a higher spiritual awareness or plane. Some of our sacred sex is in the form of handballing [or internal anal massage], which may be shocking to some, but is a wonderful and spiritual experience. While we don't require participation in this play, we certainly encourage it, and are experienced teachers in the entire area of butt-play.

We are not in to pain, B&D, WS, S&M, etc. We practice safe-sex exclusively.

About YOU:

You are a young gay man who has enough common sense and has had enough life experience to have come to the realization that he doesn't want to go through life on his own. He is open to the experience of experiencing life as a member of a family lead by his seniors. You like being enveloped in a male world. You want to be a productive, giving junior member in return for guidance, teaching, mentoring and support.

You have discovered and know yourself sexually, and have gotten your juvenile wild oats out of your system (and have done so without contracting HIV or any STD's). You have come to the conclusion that you are a mentally healthy man-loving gay man, and you want to live with other healthy man-loving gay men, in a situation where nudity, frequent and intimate body contact and love are always available.

You have probably had a few boyfriends and maybe a few relationships. You have likely failed in these relationships (as we all have) because they were not exactly what was right for you. You are searching for something more than you have had and at the same time, something safe, warm and nurturing.

You are secure in the fact that you are a boy, a boy who needs to be loved and cared for, but also a boy who yearns to love and care for others.

You, as a boy, have enough experience to know, and have achieved the courage to admit, that the centers of your sexual universe are your asshole, your cock and your mind! You want to learn to revel in the sensations these centers of pleasure offer and to learn to offer yourself for pleasure to your family.
You desire to learn the mysteries of the universe!


When responding to this letter, be candid and detailed. Honestly tell us what you're about, what you are looking for, what you're comfortable with and what you're not comfortable with. You'll get high marks (and greater consideration) from us for telling us frankly and graphically what you like and don't like sexually as well as what you'd like to experience but haven't. The candidate who tells us their deepest and darkest wants and desires is way ahead of the candidate who can't (or won't) express his desires. The more detail you offer us, even if you can't type well or express yourself well, will be greatly appreciated and facilitate our correspondence with you. We will have many questions for you and expect that you will have a great number for us.

We're not into physical appearances, but are naturally curious to see what you look like, so a few pictures would be nice to see.

Tom & Matt
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